A system error can result when incorrect permissions are assigned to the Encryption.key file for a virtual appliance.


You log in to vRealize Appliance and the Tenants page is displayed. After the page has begun loading, you see the message System Error.


The Encryption.key file has incorrect permissions or the group or owner user level is incorrectly assigned.


Log in to the virtual appliance that displays the error.


If your virtual appliances are running under a load balancer, you must check each virtual appliance.


  1. View the log file /var/log/vcac/catalina.out and search for the message Cannot write to /etc/vcac/Encryption.key.
  2. Go to the /etc/vcac/ directory and check the permissions and ownership for the Encryption.key file. You should see a line similar to the following one:
    -rw------- 1 vcac vcac 48 Dec 4 06:48 encryption.key

    Read and write permission is required and the owner and group for the file must be vcac.

  3. If the output you see is different, change the permissions or ownership of the file as needed.

What to do next

Log in to the Tenant page to verify that you can log in without error.