When you apply the vRealize Code Stream standalone license to a vRealize Automation appliance, you enable the vRealize Code Stream functions.

About this task

You can use the vRealize Code Stream standalone license to enable the Pipeline modeling, Pipeline execution and Release Dashboard features.


Verify that the vRealize Automation appliance is set up. See Configure the vRealize Appliance.


  1. Open the vRealize Automation Appliance management console with the fully qualified domain name, https:// vrcs-va-hostname.domain.name:5480/.
  2. Log in as the root user.
  3. Select vRA Settings > Licensing.
  4. Enter a valid vRealize Code Stream license key and click Submit Key.
  5. Confirm that you can log in to the vRealize Automation console, and that you can see the Code Stream tab.
    1. Open a Web browser.
    2. Navigate to https://vrcs-hostname.domain.name/vcac.