To use an Artifactory server in a release pipeline, you must register and configure an Artifactory server endpoint.

About this task

Artifact management persists the search criteria to find any artifacts from the Artifactory server. It allows you to search the physical location and identity of artifacts, and supplies the required artifact during the pipeline execution. With artifact management, you can specify an artifact by name and search type from the server, but not by location or unique identifier.


  • Verify that the Artifactory server is available and configured. See the Artifactory User Guide on the jFrog Web site.

  • Verify that the Artifactory server version is 4.3.0 or later.


  1. Select Code Stream > Endpoints.
  2. Click Add, and from the Endpoint Type drop-down menu select Artifactory.
  3. Enter an Artifactory server endpoint name and an applicable description.

    For example, in the description section you can add the release pipeline name that uses this Artifactory server endpoint.

  4. Enter the Artifactory server configuration details, and click Save.


The release pipeline can access the Artifactory server through the endpoint you created.

What to do next

To use this endpoint in the release pipeline, you must create a test task.

See Using vRealize Code Stream.