If the pipeline execution fails, you can resume execution. A pipeline run might fail if artifacts do not exist for a task in the pipeline.

About this task

For a failed pipeline execution run, you can resume the pipeline execution from the last failed task(s) in the failed stage.


Verify that you have created a release pipeline. See Create a Release Pipeline.


  1. Select the failed pipeline execution.
  2. Expand the arrow next to the pipeline name, and review the stages and tasks to determine which task failed.

    Tasks that failed display a red line at the top of the task in the stage, and the top of the stage displays a red line.

  3. Click the task that failed, and read the status message to understand the failure.
  4. On the Result And Input tab, review the information about the artifacts.
  5. If needed, verify the raw input and output properties.
    1. Click the Raw Output Properties tab, and review the values of the output parameters.
    2. Click the Raw Input Properties tab, and from the values of external system verify whether the external system is available.

      An external system that is not available might cause the transient failure.

    3. Click Close.
  6. Click Resume Execution.

    The pipeline execution runs again.


You have resumed a failed pipeline.