vRealize Code Stream shares a platform and some common services with vRealize Automation and is delivered in the same virtual appliance.

By entering the appropriate license keys, a System Administrator can unlock either vRealize Automation, vRealize Code Stream, or both products on the same appliance.

Installing vRealize Code Stream

To install vRealize Code Stream, you must:

  • Deploy and configure a vRealize Automation appliance.

  • Apply a vRealize Code Stream license.

  • Configure a tenant to assign user roles in vRealize Code Stream.


Although you can enable vRealize Code Stream on the same virtual appliance as vRealize Automation in lab or evaluation environments, it is not a supported configuration for production systems. This requirement is important when vRealize Automation is configured in High Availability (HA) mode. This version of vRealize Code Stream does not support HA configuration. If you enable vRealize Code Stream on a vRealize Automation instance that runs in HA mode, doing so can put the overall system in an unpredictable state.

If you enabled vRealize Code Stream on a vRealize Automation instance in HA mode, and encountered problems, see the VMware knowledge base article at https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2145084 to resolve those problems. If you have further questions, contact VMware Global Support Services.

Licensing vRealize Code Stream

You can have the vRealize Automation appliance run vRealize Code Stream.


Before you enable vRealize Code Stream, verify that High Availability (HA) is not running on the vRealize Automation appliance.

To enable vRealize Code Stream, in the vRealize Automation installation wizard, select the Enable vRealize Code Stream check box.


If you apply your license without enabling vRealize Code Stream, you can enable vRealize Code Stream later. Apply the license again, and select Enable vRealize Code Stream.

The selection to enable vRealize Code Stream also appears on the Licensing tab in the vRealize Automation appliance. See Apply a vRealize Code Stream License to an Appliance.