vRealize Code Stream uses vRealize Automation to provision virtual machines.

For vRealize Code Stream to communicate with vRealize Automation while provisioning a virtual machine, vRealize Code Stream requires the endpoint of vRealize Automation.

Integrating with vRealize Automation without loadbalancer

vRealize Automation appliance might require a full scale high availability deployment. The load balancer configured for vRealize Automation must be used as external endpoint in vRealize Code Stream. All the VM provisioning requests in the vRealize Code Stream provisioning task is routed through vRealize Automation load balancer.

Integrating with vRealize Automation with loadbalancer

  • Identity Federation support between the two appliances is not provided.

  • vRealize Code Stream does not support connecting to vRealize Orchestrator, XaaS services on the vRealize Automation appliance. It uses the services embedded on its appliance.