vRealize Automation is considered to be an external system, regardless of its hosted location. The hosted location can be local or remote with reference to the vRealize Code Stream Appliance.

The plug-ins connect to a vRealize Automation instance using an endpoint configuration. For more information on how to configure endpoints, see the Installation and Configuration guide.

Depending on the version of vRealize Automation, the integration with vRealize Code Stream enables pipeline tasks to provision machines in specific ways.

vRealize Code Stream 2.0 and later includes the following versions of vRealize Automation plug-ins:

vRealize Automation Integration

vRealize Code Stream Version

Provisioning Feature

Connection to vRealize Automation

7.x plug-in


Provision a machine using Composite Blueprints

through Endpoint

6.2.x plug-in


Provision a single virtual machine

through Endpoint