You can include multiple tasks with the same configuration in your pipeline by creating a task and cloning it. You can place the cloned task in the same stage or move it to a different stage of the pipeline.

About this task

You cannot have multiple cloned tasks with the same name in a stage.


Verify that you have an existing task. See Create a Release Pipeline.


  1. Click the Code Stream tab.
  2. On the Pipelines tab, select an existing pipeline and click Edit to configure it.
  3. Click the Stages > button.
  4. Click the gear icon (gear icon for settings) next to the task in the stage.
  5. Click Clone.

    A clone task appears in the stage.

  6. Drag the cloned task to another stage or place it in the same stage.

    You can reorganize the order of the cloned task in a stage.

  7. Confirm to save the pipeline.