vRealize Code Stream includes services that run on a single host.

vRealize Code Stream Architecture

vRealize Code Stream is comprised of the following services:



Release Management

A vRealize Code Stream service that provides the capability to model and run pipelines.

vRealize Code Stream plug-in

A vRealize Code Stream service that provides a plug-in framework to support integrations with other services. Each integration is implemented as a custom plug-in. This plug-in provides the capability to orchestrate execution of the pipeline tasks.

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Code Stream uses the embedded vRealize Orchestrator to run vRealize Orchestrator workflows.

You can configure a pipeline task or gating rule to run a workflow.


(Anything as Service)

XaaS and ASD use vRealize Orchestrator. vRealize Code Stream invokes the vRealize Orchestrator workflows used in the release pipeline.


vRealize Orchestrator does not support integration with a remote instance of XaaS.

Café Platform Services

vRealize Code Stream services are built using the Café plug-in or vRealize Automation Appliance. The platform services natively use the functionality of many common embedded services such as Identity Services, UI Shell services, Notification and Approval (Work Items), and Endpoint Administration.