You must delete and restore the vRealize Automation 6.2.x tenant administrators in each tenant after migration.

Perform the following procedure for each tenant in the target vRealize Automation console.


If you migrate from a vRealize Automation 7.x environment, you do not need to perform this procedure.


  • Successful migration to the current version of vRealize Automation.

  • Log in to the target vRealize Automation console.

    1. Open the vRealize Automation console on the upgraded virtual appliance using its fully qualified domain name,

    2. Select the vsphere.local domain.

    3. Log in with the user name administrator and the password that you entered when you deployed the virtual appliance.


  1. Select Administration > Tenants.
  2. Click a tenant name.
  3. Click Administrators.
  4. Make a list of each tenant administrator name and user name.
  5. Point to each administrator and click the Delete icon until you delete all administrators.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. On the Tenants page, click the tenant name again.
  8. Click Administrators.
  9. In the appropriate search box, enter the name of each user that you deleted, and click Enter.
  10. To add the user back as an administrator, when the search returns the list of users, click the name of the appropriate user.

    When you finish, the list of tenant administrators must resemble the same as the list of administrators you deleted.

  11. Click Finish.