You can update your virtual appliance from an ISO file that the appliance reads from a virtual CD-ROM drive.


  • Shut down the machines in the existing environment.

  • Ensure that all CD-ROM drives used for the upgrade are enabled before you update the vRealize Appliance. See the VMware vSphere documentation for information about adding a CD-ROM drive to a virtual machine in the vSphere Client.


  1. Log in to MyVMware, locate the vRealize Automation product download, and download the ISO file.
  2. Locate the downloaded file on your machine, and verify that the file size is the same as the ISO file.
  3. Power on your virtual appliance.
  4. Connect the CD-ROM drive for the virtual appliance you are updating to the ISO file you downloaded.
  5. On your primary vRealize Automation appliance, log in to vRealize Automation Appliance Management as root using the password you entered when you deployed the vRealize Automation appliance.
  6. Log in with the user name root and the password you entered when you deployed the appliance.
  7. Click the Update tab.
  8. Click Settings.
  9. Under Update Repository, select Use CDROM Updates.
  10. Click Save Settings.