You must download and install updates for your vRealize Automation appliance.



  1. Open the vRealize Appliance management console for the upgrade.
    1. On your vRealize Automation appliance, log in to vRealize Automation Appliance Management as root using the password you entered when you deployed the vRealize Automation appliance.
    2. Click the Update tab.
  2. Select Update > Status.
  3. Click Check Updates to verify that an update is accessible.
  4. (Optional) For instances of vRealize Automation appliance, click Details in the Appliance Version area to see information about the location of release notes.
  5. Click the Services tab and verify that all services are listed as REGISTERED.

    At least one vco service must be registered. If other vco services are registered, leave them as is.

  6. Click Update > Install Updates.
  7. Click Settings, and retain the default settings.
  8. Select Status > Check Updates > Install Updates.
  9. Click OK.

    An informational message appears to indicate that the update is in progress.

  10. After the update completes, reboot the machine.