Before you upgrade the appliance that includes vRealize Code Stream and vRealize Automation, review the prerequisites.

General Prerequisites

Before you begin the upgrade, verify that the following prerequisites are met.

  • Before you upgrade, plan for downtime where no pipelines or workflows are running. If they are running when you upgrade, the upgrade might fail and pipelines will terminate abnormally.

  • Before you upgrade, back up your artifacts. Then, you can migrate your artifacts. See Migrate Artifacts and Configure Your External Artifactory Instance.

  • Verify that you have access to an Active Directory account with a username@domain format, and permissions to bind to the directory.

  • Verify that you have access to an account in SAMaccountName format, and sufficient privileges to join the appliance to the domain by creating a new computer object dynamically. Or, verify that you have permissions to join this appliance to a pre-created computer object.

  • Ensure that users cannot access the appliance while you perform the upgrade.

  • Verify that you disabled any applications that query vRealize Automation.