You can request blueprints and customize machine components to provision a machine or a stack of machines.

You can modify the properties for blueprints configured in vRealize Automation and view the task results.


You need to install and configure the vRealize Automation IaaS feature and create a blueprint for your vSphere machine component.


vRealize Automation 6.x and 7.x are supported and you can select separate tasks and configure distinct endpoints in the vRealize Automation Properties pane when you configure the task.


  1. Click the Code Stream tab.
  2. On the Pipelines tab, select an existing pipeline, and click Edit to configure it.
  3. Click the Stages > button.
  4. Select a task and select vRealize Automation 7 from the Provider drop-down menu.
  5. Select the endpoint and the blueprint to view the components.

    The catalog API provides all component information, which you can modify after logging in to vRealize Automation. You can set constraints or machine resource information such as number of CPUs and storage. You can also choose to display or hide any custom property in the request form and submit the changes to the blueprint. If you modify any information in vRealize Automation, a message displays to indicate that you modified the blueprint.

  6. Click the General tab and provide the number of deployments and the number of lease days.
  7. Click the Advanced tab to provision the selected blueprint.

    The vRealize Automation API provides an instance of the blueprint. You can view all components of the blueprint, configuration items, and data nodes. The input property of the available fields such as machine components is validated.

  8. Select Save, activate the pipeline, and click Execute.

    You can view the status and details of the request on the vRealize Automation Request tab while the server processes your request.

  9. After the pipeline execution is complete, select the task to view the output property.

    The Machines output property displays all the output properties of the machines provisioned in the blueprint, and the Resources output property displays all resources provisioned by the request.