You can view the details of execution of any task from the dashboard, and then execute failed or canceled pipelines from the pipeline execution.

The dashboard displays the execution date, detailed status, overall status, execution ID, and comments of a release pipeline.


  1. Select Code Stream > Dashboard > NEW.
  2. Enter the Name of the dashboard.
  3. Select the pipeline from the Add pipeline to Dashboard drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.

    You can now view the dashboard and publish it to other users based on your role.

  5. Click the status button in the Detailed Status column to view the task result.

    Each button represents the task in a stage. If you have multiple stages, the buttons are separated by a gating rule icon.

  6. Click MODIFY and select the Publish check box to publish the dashboard for all users to view the dashboard.

    You can select multiple pipelines and add them to your dashboard using the Add pipeline to Dashboard option and delete the pipelines using the REMOVE GRID option. You can also make the published dashboard a default dashboard by selecting the Tenant Default check box. If you select the Tenant Default check box, the selected dashboard is published.

  7. (Optional) Click the drop-down arrow in any column header to customize your view for each release pipeline.
  8. Click Save to save your dashboard.