Welcome to VMware vRealize® Code Stream™ documentation. This documentation can help you learn and use vRealize Code Stream effectively.

Use the navigation on the left to browse through documentation for your release of vRealize Code Stream. We update the online documentation with the latest patch and minor release information, so a specific version contains all the updates for the minor version releases as well.

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In this documentation, you can find information about vRealize Code Stream features such as endpoints and pipelines, and step-by-step documentation to install and upgrade vRealize Code Stream.

To Learn More

To learn more about what vRealize Code Stream does and how it can help you model your software release process and continuously release your software, visit the product page. For a hands-on introduction to vRealize Code Stream, try a hands-on lab (HOL).

vRealize Code Stream Provides Continuous Delivery of Your Software

vRealize Code Stream provides continuous delivery of your software to enable frequent and reliable software releases, and reduce the operational risk.

With vRealize Code Stream, you can automate your software release process across development, test, and production stages by modeling tasks in the release pipeline.

Key Features in Previous Releases

The previous release of vRealize Code Stream provided simplified licensing, pipeline triggering utilities to enhance developer use cases, plug-ins to integrate with external systems over REST, and easier ways to import and export pipelines. The following video explains these features.

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