There are various options you can employ to reduce the amount of memory an agent uses.

Limit Plug-in Loading

The best way to reduce an agent's footprint is to configure it to load only the plug-ins for the resource types you want to monitor. See Configuring Plug-in Loading.

Reduce Java Heap

To reduce the Java heap size that an agent allocates to itself on startup, add the agent.javaOpts property to the agent's file. This property does not exist in the default file.

You can reduce the heap from 128m to 64m.

Delete JavaDocs File

In an environment in which every MB is critical, you can delete the agent's javadocs folder, agent-4.x.x/bundles/agent-4.x.x-yyyy/pdk/javadoc;. Note that this action only reduces the agent footprint by (approximately) 70 MB.