You must configure the cluster-related properties on each of the vRealize Hyperic servers in a cluster.

About this task

Perform the following process for each server in the cluster.


  1. In the Cluster Settings section of the conf/hq-server.conf file, specify the following values.




    The name of the cluster. This value must be identical for each node in the cluster.


    The multicast listen address. Specify the IP address or hostname on which the node listens for multicast traffic. This value is unique to each node in the cluster.

  2. (Optional) Use the following properties to control communication behaviors for the nodes in the cluster.



    ha.node.mcast_addr and ha.node.mcast_port

    The address and port for sending multicast messages to other nodes.

    The ha.node.mcast_addr value must be the same on each node.

    ha.node.cacheListener.port and ha.node.cacheProvider.port

    The ports used for discovering and synchronizing with cache peers.