Specifies the IP address that the vRealize Hyperic server uses to contact the vRealize Hyperic agent.

This If the agent is on the same host as the server, a value of is valid.

If there is a firewall between the server and agent, specify the IP address of the firewall, and configure the firewall to forward traffic intended for the agent to the agent's listen address, which can be configured with agent.listenIP.

The agent reads this value only in the event that it cannot find connection configuration in its data directory.

You can specify this and other agent.setup.* properties to reduce the user interaction required to configure an agent to communicate with the server.


Commented out default.

If you use the agent.setup.* properties to supply an agent's configuration at first startup, then uncomment this property, leaving the value default, the vRealize Hyperic server contacts the agent using the IP address that SIGAR detects on the agent host.