If you did not configure the vRealize Hyperic server properties before running the RPM server installer, you are prompted to do so after installation. You cannot use the server until the properties have been specified.

About this task

You can find a sample of the vfabric_hyperic_server.properties file in vRealize Hyperic Server Properties for RPM Installation. You can copy this file and edit it to complete this procedure.

Do not change installation directory property. The value of HQ_SERVER_INSTALL_PATH must remain /opt/vmware/hyperic.


  1. Create a file named vrealize_hyperic_server.properties.
  2. Configure other settings in the file as required.

    You can edit the properties file to configure Hyperic Server to use an external PostgreSQL database. If you do not change the value, the vRealize Hyperic server will use the built in local PostgreSQL database.

  3. Save your changes, and copy vrealize_hyperic_server.properties to the /etc/vmware/vrealize/hyperic/ directory.
  4. Log in as root and in /opt/hyperic/hyperic-hqee-installer, run the setup_from_properties_file.sh script.

What to do next

Start the vRealize Hyperic server.