If you have multple agents to install at one time, you can create a single standardized agent.properties file that can be used by all the agents.

About this task

Installing multiple vRealize Hyperic agents entails a number of steps, as described below. Perform the steps in the order listed.


Verify that the following prerequisites are satisfied.

  1. Set up an install server.

    An install server is a server that can access the the target platforms from which to perform remote installation.

    The server must be configured with a user account that has permissions to SSH into each target platform without requiring a password.

  2. Verify that each target platform on which a vRealize Hyperic agent will be installed has the following items.

    • A user account that is identical to that created on the install server.

    • An identically named installation directory, for example /home/vrealizeyperic.

    • A trusted keystore, if required.