vRealize Hyperic is part of several VMware products, including vRealize Operations Management Suite, vCloud Suite, and vRealize Suite, each with its own licensing mechanism. vRealize Hyperic is also available as a standalone product. You configure the license according to the requirements of the product of which it is a part.

If you have more than one license, you configure each of them.

vRealize Hyperic is licensed on a per managed platform basis, where a platform is:

  • A physical machine or a virtual machine on which a vRealize Hyperic agent is running.

    If an agent manages a vSphere vCenter instance, it consumes a license for the platform that hosts vCenter, a license for each vSphere vHost that is administered by the vCenter instance and, if an agent is installed on each virtual machine, a license for each vSphere virtual machine on each vHost.

  • A network device or network host that is managed remotely by a vRealize Hyperic agent. See vRealize Hyperic Resource Configuration and Metrics for information about vRealize Hyperic functionality for managing remote devices and hosts.

If you have licenses for both vRealize Operations Management Suite and vRealize Suite, you are licensed for the total number of licenses provided by your vRealize Hyperic license plus the number of licenses provided in your vRealize Operations Management Suite license.