To use the latest version ofvRealize Hyperic you must use a vPostgreSQL database. If you have an earlier version of vRealize Hyperic that supported other database types, you can migrate the database to vPostgreSQL after you have installed the upgraded vRealize Hyperic server.

About this task

This process involves exporting the data from your existing database, then importing it into the vPostgres database.

During the import process, the server is not running.


Verify that the following prerequisites have been satisfied, before proceeding with the migration process.

  • The latest version of vRealize Hyperic server is installed under the same account that you are running the import process.

  • The older vRealize Hyperic server is stopped.

  • You have superuser privileges to import the database.

    By default, the process uses the database credentials defined by the server.database-user and server.database-password properties in hq-server.conf. If the database user account defined in hq-server.conf is not a superuser, you must supply superuser account credentials at the the command line during the import phase.

  • The latest version of vPostgreSQL database is installed.

  • The installer directory is owned by the vRealize Hyperic user. You can use the command chown -R hyperic /opt/hyperic/hyperic-hqee-installer/installer/ to verify the owner.


  1. Export the existing database and the server configuration.
    1. Copy the migration package from the installer/bin directory in your new vRealize Hyperic installer package to the host server from which you are migrating the database, for example an Hyperic 4.x host.
    2. Set JAVA_HOME.
    3. Unpack the ZIP file on the host.

      The root of the unpacked ZIP, hq-migration-5.8, is now referred to as MigrationHome.

    4. To export all configuration and metric data, in a shell run the command PathToMigrationHome/ hq-export -Dhqserver.install.path=PathToServerHome, where PathToServerHome is the full path to the vRealize Hyperic server installation directory, or the path relative to MigrationHome.

      You can add -DconfigOnly=true to the command line to export only the configuration data.

      The script reads the hq-server.conffile in the older vRealize Hypericversion, connects to its database, exports the database, and creates a tarball with key artifacts and the database dump in hq-migration-export-HqVersion.tgz.

      By default, the archive is written to the migration_home/tmp/export-data import staging directory, or the value of staging.dir, if specified.

  2. Import the database and the server configuration.
    1. Copy hq-migration-export-HqVersion.tgz to the new server host, or make it available to the machine on which the server is installed.

      Expect some latency if you do not copy the tarball to the server host.

    2. Run the PathToMigrationHome/ hq-import -Dhqserver.install.path=PathToServerHome -Dexport.archive.path=PathToExportArchive command, ensuring that the command is on a single line.

      Enter appropriate values for the PathToServerHome and PathToExportArchive properties.


The database and server configuration properties are migrated.