You can change your SSL configuration from using a user-managed keystore to a vRealize Hyperic-generated keystore.

About this task

For best security, do not configure vRealize Hyperic to use self-signed certificates.


Verify that the vRealize Hyperic and the vRealize Hyperic agents are stopped.


  1. Open ServerHome/conf/hq-server.conf in a text editor.
  2. Set the value of accept.unverified.certificates to true.
  3. Restart the vRealize Hyperic server.
  4. For each vRealize Hyperic agent reporting to the vRealize Hyperic server, open AgentBundle/AgentHome/ in a text editor.
  5. Set the value of agent.setup.acceptUnverifiedCertificate to true.
  6. Save your changes and restart the agents.