You can install vRealize Hyperic agent from a RedHat Package Manager (RPM) package. The agent in the package does not include a JRE.

About this task

The RPM performs the following actions:

  • Creates the user and group named hyperic if they do not exist.

  • Sets the home directory of the hyperic user to /opt/hyperic.

  • Installs the agent files into /opt/hyperic/hyperic-hqee-agent.

  • Installs an init script to /etc/init.d/hyperic-hqee-agent.

  • Adds the init script to chkconfig and sets it to on for run levels 2, 3, 4, and 5.



  1. Run yum install vfabric-hyperic-agent to install the agent on the platform that the agent will monitor.
  2. Log on as root and edit the /etc/init.d/hyperic-hqee-agent file to set the HQ_JAVA_HOME parameter to the home directory of the JDK or JRE that the agent is to use.

What to do next

Configure the vRealize Hyperic agent in the properties file. See Activate Agent to Server Communication Properties.