You can update one or more vRealize Hyperic agents by pushing the new agent bundle to it from the vRealize Hyperic server, using the vRealize Hyperic user interface.

About this task

When you update an agent bundle, the configuration settings in the agent's AgentHome/conf/ file are not changed. However, the first time you start an agent that you have updated from version 4.5 or earlier, passwords specified in the file are encrypted.


The bundle must reside in the ServerHome/hq-engine/hq-server/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/hq-agent-bundles directory.


  1. On the Resources tab, select the server on which the agent bundle resides.
  2. On the Views tab, click Agent Commands.
  3. Select Upgrade from the Select an agent operation to run menu.
  4. Select the appropriate bundle from the Select upgradeable agent bundle menu.

    The bundle includes an update to the JRE. If you do not want to update the JRE, select the bundle that does not include a platform in the file name, for example agent-version.number.tar.gz.

  5. Click Execute.


The bundle is copied to the bundles directory and self-extracts. On completion of the extraction process, you can see the version information for the upgraded agent on the Administration > Agents tab.