Each time that you install a new vRealize Hyperic agent, you must configure the agent.properties file that contains data controlling agent to server communication. If the agent does not have a properties file, create one.

About this task

A vRealize Hyperic agent looks for its properties file in two locations, in this order:

  1. HqUserHome/.hq

    If this directory exists and contains agent.properties, the vRealize Hyperic agent uses the property values defined there.

  2. AgentHome/conf

    This is the default location of agent.properties.

If the agent does not find the the required properties for establishing communications with the vRealize Hyperic server in either of these locations, it prompts for the property values at initial start up of the agent.

It is good practice to configure the properties in the agent.properties file before initial start up of the agent. This is a requirement for some communication actions, and is the most efficient process when you are deploying multiple agents.


Make a copy of the agent.properties file from the agent installation.