You can perform remote installations to deploy agents that use a single file one-by-one.


Verify that the prerequisites in Install Multiple vRealize Hyperic Agents Simultaneously have been satisfied.

You must have configured a standard agent properties file and copied it to the agent installation, or to a location available to the agent installation


  1. Log in to the install server user account that you configured with permissions to SSH into each target platform without requiring a password.
  2. SSH to the remote platform.
  3. Copy the agent archive to the agent host.
  4. Unpack the agent archive.
  5. Copy the file to the /.hq directory under the home directory of the standard agent installation user account.
  6. Start the new agent.


The vRealize Hyperic agent registers themself with the vRealize Hyperic server and the agent runs an autodiscovery scan to discover its host platform and supported managed products that are running on the platform.

What to do next

Check the Auto-Discovery portlet in the vRealize Hyperic dashboard to verify that the platform was discovered.