You upgrade the vRealize Hyperic server on Unix-based platforms using the upgrade option of the vRealize Hyperic installer.

About this task

Use this procedure to upgrade the vRealize Hyperic server on Unix-based platforms.


  • Verify that your instance of vRealize Hyperic server does not use an internal database.

    You cannot upgrade the vRealize Hyperic server if the server does use an internal database.

  • Verify that the current server instance is stopped.

    For example, run /opt/hyperic/server-5.8.4/bin/ stop.

  • Back up your vRealize Hyperic database.

  • It is good practice to archive your existing vRealize Hyperic server directory, so that you can revert to it if necessary.

    For example, tar -zcvf hq-server-5.8.4-archive.tgz hq-server-5.8.4-EE.


  1. Download the new version of the installer from the downloads page.
  2. Run the vRealize Hyperic installer in upgrade mode.

    /opt/hyperic/hyperic-hq-installer/ -upgrade.

  3. Acknowledge the VMware license prompt.
  4. Type the full path to the previous vRealize Hyperic server instance when prompted.

    For example, /opt/hyperic/server-5.8.4

  5. Type the full path to the directory under which the new server instance will be installed.

    For example, to install the new instance under your existing vRealize Hyperic home directory, type/opt/hyperic.


The installer completes the upgrade.

What to do next

Start the new server instance. For example type /opt/hyperic/server-5.8.4/bin/ start.