You can make a new installation of the vRealize Hyperic server by running an installation script.

The setup.bat setup script for Windows and setup script for UNIX-like environments is located in the vRealize Hyperic installation package. You can use the setup script to install the vRealize Hyperic server, the vRealize Hyperic agent, or both.

When you run the setup script, you can supply a qualifier that sets the installation mode:



Run the setup script without a qualifier to perform a quick installation. Selected components will be installed with default values for most configuration options. If you install the vRealize Hyperic server, it will be configured to use its built-in vPostgreSQL database. A quick installation is useful if you are evaluating vRealize Hyperic.

With a quick installation, by running the installer without a qualifier or with the -postgresqlqualifier, the installer does not prompt you for the ports on which the vRealize Hyperic server listens for agent and user interface requests. The default ports are automatically configured.

With a quick installation, you cannot specify the location and password for a user-managed server keystore. The vRealize Hyperic server uses a vRealize Hyperic-managed keystore.


In full mode, the installer dialog prompts for all setup configuration options. Use this option if you are using an external database, or to configure the vRealize Hyperic server to use an SSL keystore that you manage yourself, rather than using a vRealize Hyperic-generated keystore.

For best security and best configurability, run the installer in full mode.


Use upgrade mode to upgrade a 5.x vRealize Hyperic server to a later version. If you have an existing vRealize Hyperic server installation, the server configuration and the contents of the existing vRealize Hyperic database are preserved.


Use the updateScale option to change the sizing profile for the vRealize Hyperic server.