Before you can install the vRealize Hyperic agent, you must perform preparatory tasks.


  • To configure the vRealize Hyperic agent to use a keystore that you manage yourself for SSL communication, rather than a vRealize Hyperic-generated keystore, set up a JKS-format keystore for the vRealize Hyperic agent on its host and import its SSL certificate. Make a note of the full path to the keystore, and its password. You configure this data in the agent's file.

    Verify that the agent keystore password and the private key password are identical.

  • Define the agent HQ_JAVA_HOME location.

    vRealize Hyperic platform-specific server installers include JRE 1.7.x. Platform-independent installers do not. Depending on your environment and the installer you use, you may need to define the location of the JRE to ensure that the agent can find the JRE to use. See Configuring JRE Locations for vRealize Hyperic Components.

  • Verify if you need to open a firewall.

    If a firewall is blocking incoming traffic to a platform on which you are installing vRealize Hyperic agents, you must open the agent listen port (by default, 2144 for plain text, or 2443 for SSL) so that the agent will accept connections from the vRealize Hyperic server.

    In Windows environments, you must open the agent listen port. The default behavior for a firewall built into Windows is to block remote connections.