You can install vRealize Hyperic server from a RedHat Package Manager package.

About this task

By default, the installer configures the vRealize Hyperic server using a default properties file. You can create a customized properties file if you prefer. See Configure the vRealize Hyperic Server Properties File Before RPM Server Installation.


Before you run the installer, verify that the following prerequisites have been satisfied.


  1. On the platform on which the vRealize Hyperic server is being installed, run yum install vrealize-hyperic-server.

    yum resolves dependencies and displays the packages to install.

  2. (Optional) If this is the first time that you have installed a vRealize Hyperic component on the virtual machine, accept the end user license agreement when prompted.
  3. Type y at the prompt to start the installation.

What to do next

  1. If you are prompted to do so, configure the vRealize Hyperic server properties. See Configure the vRealize Hyperic Server Properties File After Installation.

  2. After successfully installing vRealize Hyperic server, delete InstallerHome/logs/hq-install.log and hq-install.log.verbose, or the whole the exploded installer. This is necessary to delete sensitive data that is written to the installation log files.