This topic provides information about filters available for the definition list.

These are the options for filtering the list of alerts, and their default settings:

Table 1. Filter Alert Definition List



Definition Type

Filters the list of alert definitions by whether the definition was for an individual resource, a group of resources, or a resource type target — so you can limit the list to definitions assigned to a resource, or to a resource type. Values are:

  • Resource — To list all alert definitions that assigned to individual resources or to a resouurce type.

  • Group — To list only alert definitions defined for a resource group.

  • Resource Type — To list only alert definitions that are assigned to resource groups.

Definition Type

Exclude Type-Based Definitions

This option is available only when "Resource" is selected for "Definition Type" — checkmark to exclude resource type alert definitions from the list.

Show Only Disabled Definitions

Further limit the definitions listed to those that are currently disabled.