The HQ vSphere page is an interface for monitoring and managing vSphere Hosts and VMs available in vRealize Hyperic.

The Performance tab appears for a VM only if there is a vRealize Hyperic agent running in the VM.

Display the HQ vSphere Page

To display the HQ vSphere page, select HQ vSphere from the Resources tab in the Masthead.


The HQ vSphere option appears on the Resources tab only in vRealize Hyperic, and only if you have vSphere components under management.

You can also navigate to the HQ vSphere page from the Resource Hub. The resource page for a vCenter server or vSphere Host has a View in HQ vSphere link above the Monitor tab.

HQ vSphere and Resource Permissions

In vRealize Hyperic, a user can only access resources that are assigned to groups to which the user's role grants access. The accessible resources are further limited by the role's permissions to inventory types.

In other words, you can see PlatformA in browse dialogs and navigate to it if: (1) it is a member of a group assigned to your role, and (2) that role grants access to platforms.

The HQ vSphere user interface behaves somewhat differently: if you have view access to platforms, you can see all of the vSphere Hosts and vSphere VMs in the deployment whether or not they belong to a group assigned to your role.

Note also that even if your role does not grant view permission to servers, vCenter servers will appear in the HQ vSphere page. A vCenter server is the root of the vSphere resource hierarchy and is visible regardless of role permissions; the only resource data exposed for the vCenter server is its name.