This topic provides instructions for viewing alert definitions.

About this task

The Definitions tab on the Alert Center page lists alert definitions in your deployment — resource alerts, resource type alerts, and group alerts — that match the current filter criteria.


  1. Click the Analyze tab.

    The Alert Center page appears, with the Alerts tab selected.

  2. Click the Definitions tab to display the Resource Alert Definitions pane.

    The pane displays the following data for each alert definition that matches the currently selected filter criteria, ordered by creation date, with most recently created definitions first.

    • Name — The alert definition's name. Click to view the alert definition in the Resource Hub.

    • Created — Date and time the alert was defined

    • Modified — Date and time the alert was modified (if at all)

    • Active — Whether or not the alert definition is configured to generate alerts) or not. If the alert is defined to fire once, and not again until after it is fixed, an yellow flag icon will be displayed in this column if the the alert is not fixed.

    • Last Alert — Date and time the alert was last triggered. Click to view a list of alerts that fired for the alert definition.

    • Resource — The resource, resource type, or group for which the alert was defined. Click to view the Monitor tab for the resource in the Resource Hub.

    • Escalation — The name of the escalation scheme assigned to the alert definition. Click to view the escalation.

    • Priority — The alert definition priority.

  3. Click a column heading to sort the table by the content of that column.