The JMX MBean Query tool allows you to search for MBeans, display their attributes, and invoke selected MBean operations on them.

When vRealize Hyperic alerts you of availability or health issues with a JVM resource or service, you can use the JMX MBean Query tool to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

The MBean attributes displayed in the JMX MBean Query tool are read-only; the console does not support attribute editing. In this version of vRealize Hyperic, support for MBean operations is limited to operations with one or no arguments of primitive or simple type.

The JMX MBean Query tool is available on the Views tab when you have a JVM selected in the HQ portal. These instructions assume that your JVM is in HQ inventory.


JVMs are not auto-discovered by vRealize Hyperic. You must add a JVM to vRealize Hyperic inventory and configure for monitoring as described in Sun JVM.