You can schedule a control action to be run in the future - either once, or on a recurring basis.


  1. Select the Control tab:
  2. In the Control Action Schedule section of the page, click New.
  3. On the New Scheduled Control Action Page select a control action from the Control Action pulldown.
  4. Enter values in the following fields:
    • Description

    • Start — Specify when you want to run the control action (or kick off a schedule of periodic control action execution):

      • Click immediately if you want vRealize Hyperic to initiate the control action as soon as you save the schedule.

      • Otherwise, select the date and a time you want vRealize Hyperic to run the control action.

    The Recur pulldown appears.

  5. Determine the frequency with which vRealize Hyperic repeats the control action:
    • Never - select this option if you only want to run the command once.

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

  6. Click OK.