If you expect to perform the same search frequently, you can create an XML file that specifies the search criteria.

About this task

Saved Mbean searches use a file that you store it in a specific directory in your vRealize Hypericinstallation. Each saved search will appear in the MBean Query page's Preset Searches menu.

When you run a saved search, the values you defined for the search Object Name Pattern, Attribute Regex Filter, and Operation Regex Filter appear in the text boxes at the top of the view.


  1. Create a saved search in accordance with the schema described below in [Schema for JMX Search Criteria}, using the following convention:


    where SearchID-filter is a meaningful name for the search to which you append "-filter.xml" identifies the search.

    The filters values defined in this file will then appear in the Preset Searches drop-down menu and will be named according to the filter ID.

  2. Save the file in the following directory: