This section explains how to tailor the alert definitions for Spring Insight Application Resources. This step is optional.

About this task

The Spring Insight plugin provides two built-in resource type alerts for Spring Insight Application resources, described in Spring Insight Pre-Configured Alert Definitions.

To view and edit one of the alert definitions:


  1. Click on the Administration tab and select Monitoring Defaults.

    The Monitoring Defaults page displays key information about the alert.

  2. Scroll down to the Spring Insight Application resource type and click Edit Alerts.
  3. From the Spring Insight Application services page you can:
    1. Disable an alert definition by placing a checkmark next to it, and toggling the Set Active control from "Yes" to "No".
    2. Create a new alert definition for the Spring Insight Application resource type, by clicking New.
    3. View or edit an alert definition, by clicking its name in the Alert Definition column.