If you use the previous version of the RabbitMQ plugin, you must remove the existing RabbitMQ resources from from inventory and perform a fresh agent install.

About this task

If you currently use the RabbitMQ plugin released in vRealize Hyperic 4.5.0, the following requirements apply:


  1. Remove the RabbitMQ server resource runs from inventory:
    1. Use Browse > Resource > Servers > RabbitMQ
    2. Select DeleteServer from the Tools menu.

      The RabbitMQ server and service resources on the platform are removed from inventory.

  2. Stop the vRealize Hyperic agent that runs on the RabbitMQ host.
  3. Uninstall the vRealize Hyperic agent from the RabbitMQ host by deleting the AgentHome directory.
  4. Do a fresh install of the vRealize Hyperic agent as described in