By default, a vRealize Hyperic agent checks for new resources only once a day. You can force the auto-discovery of resources.

About this task

You can force a vRealize Hyperic agent to check for new resources by stopping and starting the agent on the computer for which you want to force an auto-discovery. When the Hyperic Agent starts, it automatically checks for new resources.

You can also trigger the auto-discovery from the user interface, as follows:


  1. On the dashboard, click Resources > Browse.
  2. Click Platforms (XX).
  3. In the table, click the name of the platform on which you are forcing the auto-discovery.
  4. In the Tools Menu box, click New Auto-discovery.
  5. Under Quick Auto-discovery Scan, click OK.


New resources are displayed in the Auto-Discovery portlet of the main dashboard as soon as the platform scan is complete.