This topic provides instructions for configuring vRealize Hypericto manage IIS.


  1. Install the vRealize Hyperic agent on the IIS host.
  2. Import the IIS server.

    After you start the vRealize Hyperic agent, it should discover the IIS server. The server should appear in the Auto-Discovery portlet on the dashboard. Import the server.

  3. Configure the IIS server in vRealize Hyperic.
    1. Navigate to the Configuration Properties page for the IIS server instance.
    2. To enable log tracking, select the server.log_track.enable checkbox. Log tracking is disabled by default.

    For information about how to enable configuration tracking and how to specify which files to track, see Set Up Log Tracking for a Resource in vRealize Hyperic Administration.

  4. Configure IIS vHost Services in vRealize Hyperic.
  5. Verify Metric collection.