If you have installed the tc Server plug-in, and have appropriate user privileges, you can manage tc Server applications that are deployed on a selected tc Runtime instance, or are deployed for a group, using the vRealize Hyperic Application Management page.

If you are a vRealize Hyperic super-user, you can use all the tc Runtime features in the vRealize Hypericuser interface. If you are logged on to vRealize Hyperic as a non-super-user, you require specific permissions to use the tc Runtime features.

Compatible Groups

A vRealize Hyperic group is a set of managed resources. A group whose members are all of the same resource type is referred to as a compatible group. Grouping tc Runtime instances enables you manage applications across multiple tc Runtime instances.

If you have sufficient privileges, you can create a group and assign resources to it. You can manage and monitor the resources in a compatible group at group level.

A compatibility group is not equivalent to a tc Runtime cluster.