This topic details the management functions for Application Peer 6.5 Region.

Table 1. Management Functions for Application Peer 6.5 Region

Management Function




The ApplicationServerDetector class obtains inventory properties for a region in the Application Peer from the MemberInfoWithStatsMBean ModelMBean for the Application Peer. This list indicates the MBean attribute that supplies each property:

  • Name -

  • Path - gemfire.region.path.string

  • Scope - gemfire.region.scope.string

  • Data Policy - gemfire.region.datapolicy.string

  • Interest Policy - gemfire.region.interestpolicy.string

  • Disk Attributes - gemfire.region.distattrs.string

com.vmware.springsource.hyperic. plugin.gemfire.detectors. ApplicationServerDetector

Metric Collection

The RegionCollector class obtains metrics for a region in an Application from the GemFire MemberInfoWithStatsMBean ModelMBean for the Application Peer. Each metric corresponds to an attribute of the MBean.