You can view the alert queries that you have created and check whether the notifications for these queries are enabled.

About this task


Alert queries are user specific. You can manage only your own alerts.


Verify that you are logged in to the vRealize Log Insight Web user interface. The URL format is https://log_insight-host, where log_insight-host is the IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.


  1. Navigate to the Interactive Analytics tab.
  2. From the menu on the right of the Search button, click and select Manage Alerts.


You see a list of all your alert queries. The status of alert notifications is displayed under the name of the alert.

What to do next

You can click alert queries in the list to modify their parameters, or delete the queries that you no longer need.

Content pack alert queries are read-only. To save changes to a content pack alert, you have to save the alert to your custom content.