You can send vRealize Log Insight user alerts to third-party products by using webhooks.

vRealize Log Insight uses webhooks to send alerts over HTTP POST to other applications. vRealize Log Insight sends a webhook in its own proprietary format, but third-party solutions expect incoming webhooks to be in their pwn proprietary format. To use information sent with vRealize Log Insight webhooks, the third-party application must have either native support for the vRealize Log Insight format or you must create a mapping between vRealize Log Insight formats and the format used by the third-party with a shim. The shim translates, or maps, the vRealize Log Insightformat to a different format.

System notifications, alerts created with message queries, and alerts created with aggregate queries each have their own webhook format.

You must be a vRealize Log Insight administrator to create system notifications.

Authenticated webhooks are not supported.