You can install vRealize Log Insight Importer on Windows and Linux. You can also install the vRealize Log Insight Importer on a vRealize Log Insight server and run it from the server.



  1. Download the vRealize Log Insight Importer installation package from the VMware Download site and install the tool on your system. The installation packages include the MSI installer for Windows  and POSIX installation packages (RPM, DEB and BIN) for Linux.

    The vRealize Log Insight Importer tool is installed in the following locations.

    Operating System

    File Name

    Installation Location



    C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Log Insight Importer




    • After installation, the importer installation directory is added to the PATH environment variable on Windows, and a symlink to the loginsight-importer executable is added to /usr/bin/ on Linux. So the client can call loginsight-importer from the shell without specifying a path prefix.

    • When you install vRealize Log Insight Importer, a number of VMware product manifest files are also installed. You can use these files or modify them for your needs when running vRealize Log Insight Importer. These manifest files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Log Insight Importer\Manifests for Windows, and /usr/lib/loginsight-importer/manifests for Linux.

    • If you uninstall the .bin package, you need to delete the /usr/bin/loginsight_importer symlink also.

  2. Start the vRealize Log Insight Importer tool by entering the following command at a command prompt.
  3. Enter the manifest file name at the prompt.
  4. Define the configuration parameters and press Enter.

    vRealize Log Insight Importer begins to extract the log entries from the directories specified in the parameters. The total number of processed files, extracted log messages, sent log messages, and the run time is displayed.

  5. After the import is complete, press Ctrl+C on Windows or Linux to exit the tool.

What to do next

From the vRealize Log Insight Interactive Analytics tab, you can refresh the view to list the imported log events. If you imported a support bundle and used the honor_timestamp, the Dashboard should also display the events over time.