To specify installation parameters to be used during deployment, you create an .mst transform file. You can configure the vRealize Log Insight Windows agent to send events to a vRealize Log Insight server, and to set the communication protocol, port, and user account for installing and starting the Log Insight agent service.



  1. Open the vRealize Log Insight Windows agent .msi fie in the Orca editor and select Transform > New Transform.
  2. Edit the Property table and add necessary parameters and values for a customized installation or upgrade.
    1. Click Property to open the Property table.
    2. From the Table drop-down menu, select Add Row.
    3. Enter a property name and value in the Add Row dialog box.

      Valid parameters are shown in the following table.




    IP address or host name of the vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance.

    The default is loginsight.


    Protocol that the agent uses to send events to the vRealize Log Insight server. The possible values are cfapi and syslog.

    The default is cfapi.


    Communication port that the agent uses to send events to the vRealize Log Insight or third party server. By default the agent uses the appropriate port based on the options that are set for SSL and the protocol. See default port values provided in the list below. You need to specify the port option only if it's different from these defaults.

    • cfapi with SSL enabled: 9543

    • cfapi with SSL disabled: 9000

    • syslog with SSL enabled: 6514

    • syslog with SSL disabled: 514


    User service account under which the Log Insight Windows Agent service is run.


    The account supplied in the SERVICEACCOUNT parameter must have the Log On As a Service privilege and write access to %ProgramData%\VMware\Log Insight Agent directory so that the installer runs correctly. If you do not specify a SERVICEACCOUNT parameter, the vRealize Log Insight Windows agent service is installed under the LocalSystem service account.


    Password for the user service account.


    Enable or disable auto-update for the agent. You must also enable auto-update from the vRealize Log Insight server to fully enable auto-update. The default is yes.


    Enable secure connection. If SSL is enabled, the agent uses TLS 1.2 protocol to communicate to the server. The default is yes.

  3. Select Transform > Generate Transform and save the .mst file.

What to do next

Use the .msi and .mst files to deploy the vRealize Log Insight Windows agent.