You can use a filter to search for a user or set of users from the User Accounts page.

Filtering is useful when you want to locate a particular user account among many, or all accounts with a common string.

To use filtering, select Administration > User Access. On this page, the first tab Users/Groups lists user accounts.

The search field is located near the top of the page and contains the phrase "Filter by username." Enter a string to filter on here to begin a search.

The filter works dynamically and searches as you type. For example, as you type a letter "a," all occurrences of the letter "a" are highlighted. This includes user names starting with the letter "a" or containing the letter "a." If you continue and add the letter "d," The "ad" filter is applied and narrows the results. For example, you might see adam, admin, or view_admin.

Search results are paginated and can be sorted by fields: domain, authentication, roles. In addition, you can perform a bulk action, such as deleting multiple users, on the search result.