The vRealize Log Insight Server rejects the connection with the Log Insight Agents when you try to send non-encrypted traffic.


When you attempt to use cfapi to send non-encrypted traffic, the vRealize Log Insight Server rejects your connection. One of the following error messages appears in the agent log: 403 Forbidden or 403 Only SSL connections are allowed.


vRealize Log Insight is configured to accept only SSL connections, but the Log Insight Agents are configured to use a non-SSL connection.


You can configure a vRealize Log Insight Server to accept non-SSL connections or configure Log Insight Agents to send data through an SSL cfapi protocol connection.


  1. Configure your vRealize Log Insight Server to accept a non-SSL connection.
    1. Click the configuration drop-down menu icon and select Administration.
    2. Under Configuration, click SSL.
    3. Under the API Server SSL header, deselect Require SSL Connection.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Configure the vRealize Log Insight agent to send data through an SSL Cfapi protocol connection.
    1. Navigate to the folder containing the liagent.ini file.

      Operating system





      %ProgramData%\VMware\Log Insight Agent

    2. Open the liagent.ini file in any text editor.
    3. Change the value of the ssl key in the [server] section of the liagent.ini file to yes and the protocol to cfapi.
    4. Save and close the liagent.ini file.